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APPLICATIONS: Blades for every ferrous application!
Carbon Steel, Tool Steel, Stainless Steel
MACHINES: Wagner, Kasto, Kaltenbach, Dake, Ohler, Bewo, Versakut, Eisele, Pedrazoli, Adige, Brown, Rohbi, Thomas, Kalamazoo, Startrite, Brobo, Sala, IBP, MEP, Winter, Heller, Scotchman, Hydromat and others
BLADES ENGINEERED TO CUT: Extrusions, Thin Wall Tubing, Bar Stock, Channel, Angle Iron, Flat Bar, Automatic Cut/Off Saws, Precision Engineered Cut/Off Applications

Model Diameter Thickness Price/Sharpening
HSS-F-200X2 200MM 2MM Please call for price,
quantity discounts and sharpening.
HSS-F-225X1.6 225MM 1.6MM
HSS-F-225X2 225MM 2MM
HSS-F-250X1.6 250MM 1.6MM
HSS-F-250X2 250MM 2MM
HSS-F-250X2.5 250MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-275X1.6 275MM 1.6MM
HSS-F-275X2 275MM 2MM
HSS-F-275X2.5 275MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-300X2 300MM 2MM
HSS-F-300X2.5 300MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-300X3 300MM 3MM
HSS-F-315X2 315MM 2MM
HSS-F-315X2.5 315MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-315X3 315MM 3MM
HSS-F-325X2.5 325MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-325X3 325MM 3MM
HSS-F-350X2.5 350MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-350X3 350MM 3MM
HSS-F-350X3.5 350MM 3.5MM
HSS-F-370X3 370MM 3MM
HSS-F-400X2.5 400MM 2.5MM
HSS-F-400X3 400MM 3MM
HSS-F-400X3.5 400MM 3.5MM
HSS-F-400X4 400MM 4MM
HSS-F-425X3.5 425MM 3.5MM
HSS-F-425X4 425MM 4MM
HSS-F-450X3.5 450MM 3.5MM
HSS-F-450X4 450MM 4MM
HSS-F-500X4 500MM 4MM
HSS-F-570X4 570MM 4MM
HSS-F-600X4.5 600MM 4.5MM