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Precision Cutting Non-Ferrous

Carbide Tipped Precision Plate Saw Blades

Specialty Saw Inc manufacturers carbide tipped plate saw blades that last longer; cut with better finish; and run at lower decibel levels.

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Sawing Applications

Plate Saw Machines

Professional Engineering Services

No-Cost Inspection

A blade is no better than the saw it is on and how well they are engineered to work together.

Specialty Saw, Inc. provides those engineering services to each of its customers. This includes a "no-cost inspection" of each of their sawing operations including a written survey report with an eye toward best practices, safety, and operator training.

Just call us at 1-800-225-0772 or e-mail us at info@specialtysaw.com and we will make an appointment to come out to see you.

“For several years I have dealt with several saw blade vendors for our sharpening and new blades, and Specialty Saw’s quality and customer service is far superior. What I like most from Specialty is we get more than double the regrinds before retipping blades, and that greatly extends blade life and saves us a lot of money. We now use Specialty Saw exclusively for our carbide tipped circular saw blade sharpening and new blades.”

Greg Sioch
Leadman, Yarde Metals, Inc.
Quality metal products, on time, every time, without compromise to accuracy or service!

Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

PCNF (Precision Cutting Non-Ferrous) Carbide Tipped Blades for Plate Saws

20″ – 30″ (780 MM) Diameter

Model Diameter Teeth Material Thickness Price/Sharpening
PCNF2048 20" 48 3″-4″ Please call for price, quantity discounts and sharpening.
PCNF2060 60 2″-3″
PCNF2072 72 1″-2″
PCNF2084 84 0.5″-1″
PCNF52048 520MM 48 3″-4″
PCNF52060 60 2″-3″
PCNF52072 72 1″-2″
PCNF52084 84 0.5″-1″
PCNF2248 22" 48 4″-5″
PCNF2260 60 3″-4″
PCNF2272 72 2″-3″
PCNF2284 84 1″-2″
PCNF2448 24" 48 5″-6″
PCNF2460 60 4″-5″
PCNF2472 72 3″-4″
PCNF2484 84 2″-3″
PCNF62048 620MM 48 5″-6″
PCNF62060 60 4″-5″
PCNF62072 72 3″-4″
PCNF62084 84 2″-3″
PCNF68048 680MM 48 6″-7″
PCNF68060 60 5″-6″
PCNF68072 72 4″-5″
PCNF68084 84 3″-4″
PCNF2648 26" 48 6″-7″
PCNF2660 60 5″-6″
PCNF2672 72 4″-5″
PCNF2684 84 3″-4″
PCNF2848 28" 48 7″-8″
PCNF2860 60 6″-7″
PCNF2872 72 5″-6″
PCNF2884 84 4″-5″
PCNF78048 780MM 48 7″-8″
PCNF78060 60 6″-7″
PCNF78072 72 5″-6″
PCNF78084 84 4″-5″
Highlighted blades are our most popular, stocked blades and ship immediately.
Want to reduce blade change time? Ask our tech how to get the best finish cut of varying material thicknesses without a blade change.
Please call for price, quantity discounts and sharpening.