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Non-Ferrous Thinwalled Extrusion

Carbide Tipped Thinwalled Extrusion Blades

Specialty Saw Inc provides circular metal
cutting carbide tipped saw blade management
services including manufacturing and resharpening
with a special emphasis on longer blade life, best finish,
and quiet cutting.

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Sawing Applications

Sawing Machines

Quiet Cutting

Do you know why our blades are so quiet while cutting?

Ask us, we’ll be glad to explain.

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“…Specialty Saw’s a customer focused company with a knowledgeable staff. They have helped us with superior service and saw blades for years”

Norman Dougherty
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Wiremold/Legrand
A company sawing aluminum & steel extrusions!

“For several years I have dealt with several saw blade vendors for our sharpening and new blades, and Specialty Saw’s quality and customer service is far superior. What I like most from Specialty is we get more than double the regrinds before retipping blades, and that greatly extends blade life and saves us a lot of money. We now use Specialty Saw exclusively for our carbide tipped circular saw blade sharpening and new blades.”

Greg Sioch
Leadman, Yarde Metals, Inc.
Quality metal products, on time, every time, without compromise to accuracy or service!

Carbide Tipped Thinwalled Extrusion Saw Blades

Available from 10″ – 24″ (600 MM) Diameter. Please call for assistance.

Model Diameter Teeth Price/Sharpening
NFT1080 10" 80 Please call for price, quantity discounts and sharpening.
NFT300100 300MM 100
NFT1280 12" 80
NFT350100 350MM 100
NFT350120 350MM 120
NFT14100 14" 100
NFT380110 380MM 110
NFT16120 16" 120
NFT18120 18" 120
NFT500120 500MM 120
NFT20100 20" 100
NFT20120 20" 120
NFT550120 550MM 120
NFT22100 22" 100
NFT22120 22" 120
NFT600120 600MM 120
NFT600138 600MM 138
NFT24120 24" 120