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Hydraulic Hose Saws

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Hydraulic Hose Saws



Hydraulic Hose Saws

Hydraulic Hose Sawing Machine


How It Works

Old Method

Traditionally, the sawing method of lowering an abrasive saw blade onto the hose, causes the hose to compress and deform. As the blade cuts, the compressed hose expands against the blade causing friction, heating and burning as well as creating debris from kerf of the blade, which is deposited inside your hose.

New Improved Specialty Saw Method

With the our new hydraulic hose saw, the hose is positioned across two pins (A) and moved into the blade (C) by a feed foot (B) using handle (D). The feed motion causes the hose to stretch at the point of contact with the blade allowing it to separate as it is cut (see the magnified inset of schematic). This separation allows the hose to pass clear of the saw blade with NO friction, NO heating and LESS DEBRIS! A vacuum hose is attached to a vacuum port (hidden) to remove any tiny amount of debris or smoke during cutting.